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My name is Jared Stevens and I am from South Boston, Virginia. I am currently attending Old Dominion University where I am majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Web Development. In my free time, I enjoy coding projects such as this one, playing guitar, and gaming. My goal is to one day obtain a job doing what I love for good money, whether that job be web development, or a different aspect of Computer Science.

About this Page

This page was designed and created by me using HTML and CSS coding in tangent with Bootstrap, and the server is built using Github. I designed this page with the intention of not only displaying my programming skills, but also to show off my personality. I plan to use this page as a resource to send to potential employers along with my resume.

Along with my projects, this page also has resources available for other struggling programmers like myself such as C++ source code. Also included is contact information and photos of myself for potential employers to get in touch with me.